Project FENICS

The project

FENICS is a R&D project on future aircraft cockpits, with a particular stress on touch user interfaces. Funded by DGAC, the project involves Airbus, Thales, Dassault, Eurocopter, and a host of universities and small businesses, including ENAC and its frequent partners IRIT, LIG, Intactile Design and Ingenuity i/o.

FENICS started in June 2012 for two years.

Lab's contribution

LII supports Intactile, Ingenuity i/o and Airbus in their design and prototyping of touch user interfaces. Part of the support is methodological (human-machine system engineering) and technological (multitouch), but the lab's main contribution consists in providing the djnn framework to Ingenuity so as to build the prototypes.

Lab staff involved

  • St├ęphane Chatty

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