Project Erasmus

The project

Erasmus is a EU-funded project that explores a new way of managing air traffic management, exploiting the modern capacities of aircraft trajectory prediction and embarked flight management systems. The core idea in Erasmus is to delegate a part of conflict resolution to an automated system in a way that is smoothly integrated in the pilot's and the air traffic controller's task. This raises a number of research issues, including the assessment of trajectory prediction algorithms with regard to this purpose, the feasability of an organisation ("operational concept") that includes such automated resolution, and the ability to design user interfaces for pilots and controllers. Erasmus is carried out by Eurocontrol, Sicta, DGAC/DSNA, Univ. Linkoping, Honeywell and Univ. Zurich.

Lab's contribution

Through its partnership with DGAC/DSNA, ENAC is involved in the design of Erasmus tools proposed to air traffic controllers. Applying our epxerience in design methods, we help organise the participatory design process with users and we contribute to the design itself. Applying our work on visual representations of information, we provide designers with models and tools for visually encoding the key information produced by Erasmus.

Lab staff involved

  • Stephane Conversy
  • Christophe Hurter

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