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The project

D3CoS is a project funded by the Artemis Joint Undertaking ( D3CoS stands for Designing Dynamic Distributed Cooperative Human-Machine Systems. Its main goal is to develop affordable methods, techniques and tools which address the specification, development and evaluation of cooperative systems from a multi-agent perspective where human and machine agents are in charge of common tasks, assigned to the system as a whole. Three application domains are involved in this project: aeronautics, automotive and maritime, and four demonstrators will be developed: two in the aeronautics domain (manned and unmanned aircrafts), one in the automotive and one in the maritime. 

D3CoS started in March 2011 for three years. 

ENAC's contribution

Three ENAC's research teams are involved in the project, mainly in the sub-project dedicated to the “methods, techniques and tools” that are to be used in the demonstrators. The three teams are also involved in the development of the UAV demonstrator that must illustrate dynamic authority sharing and task allocation in a UAV swarm.

Lab's contribution

  • Interaction software models for dynamic task allocation in a multi-agent system
  • Software architecture for multi-modal and adaptive interfaces
  • Interface prototype for the control and supervision of a UAV swarm

  • Prototype of a ground control station for a UAV swarm: dynamic adaptation of strips

    Prototype of a ground control station for a UAV swarm: complex state transitions of a waypoint

    Lab staff involved

  • Stephane Chatty
  • Mathieu Magnaudet
  • More information on D3CoS:

    • The djnn framework used for the development of the prototype
    • Contact at ENAC: mathieu dot magnaudet at