The team

LII is a research team of the French aviation university ENAC, specialised in human-computer systems and their engineering.

The team members are conducting research on aviation human-machine systems, combining practical applications and theoretical works:

The team is part of the Ecole Doctorale Systèmes (ED 309).


Research domains and projects

The interactive computing team carries out research on key fundamental issues in the design, engineering and production of critical interactive systems such as those encountered in aeronautics. We work in the following domains:

  • Interaction and collaboration design patterns
  • Information visualisation
  • Interactive software models and architectures
  • Interactive software engineering

    Most of our research is funded through projects subsidised by the European Union, Eurocontrol, the French government, and industrial partners. Read more

  • Members

    Created in late 2006, the team is currently composed of 11 faculty and staff, 6 research engineers and two PhD students. Our teaching faculty are mainly involved in the Master's degree in HCI delivered by ENAC and University of Toulouse. Read more


    LII has permanent partnerships with:

  • IntuiLab, a company specializing in GUI design (design solutions, innovation and products) and multitouch systems.
  • Ingenuity i/o, a company specializing in the emergence and implementation of innovative interactive products and environments for business experts.
  • DTI/R&D, research and development department of the French air navigation service provider
  • IRIT/ICS, a research team at IRIT specialized in HCI.

    In addition, LII regularly collaborates in research projects with Thales Avionics, Thales Research and Technology, Eurocontrol, Intactile Design, the ATOL team at Telecom Bretagne, LRI in Orsay, LIG in Grenoble.

    LII is also actively involved in the open source community through its work on input management in Linux.

    Finally, LII is a member of the Leif Canada-EU student exchange network on interactive surfaces.