Interaction and collaboration design patterns

Two decades ago, air traffic control was one of the first domains concerned with the migration of critical activities from pen and paper to digital systems. Now that touch screens, pen computing, animated feedback and gesture recognition are commonplace, researchers in aeronautics progressively focus on the next questions: situation awareness and collaboration efficiency.

Carrying with a tradition of research aimed at providing designers with interaction patterns, we conduct design-oriented research rather than research-oriented design: our goal is to devise new grounded design principles by designing meaningful interactive systems. Our last works on the topic include designing interactions to foster collaboration, and designing mixed interaction to analyze and understand the role of tangible and virtual objects.

Related projects

  • Strip'TIC, an environment for air-traffic control based on mixed interaction
  • Mammi, with Eurocontrol, IntuiLab, Thales RT and Intactile Design: multitouch interaction for air traffic controllers
  • ShareIT, with IntuiLab, Thales Avionics and Stantum: multitouch in the cockpit
  • Leif, a Canada-EU student exchange program dedicated to interactive surfaces.

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